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Yulong Guo Guitars Workshop was founded in 2011 (Former name: Yulong Guo Guitar Studio). Mr. Yulong Guo has devoted himself in guitar making since 1983, and enjoyed good reputation in international market. Based on his dedicated researches of more than 30 years, Mr. Yulong Guo has launched a new serial of guitars A.ECHOES in May 2016. Mr. Guo often travelled to Germany, France, Britain and Spain doing guitar making techniques exchange with guitar makers in these countries. This has strengthened himself greatly, and gradually he has developed unique style of his own. Comparing with traditional guitar, Yulong Guo guitar uses latest double top techniques, therefore his guitars can produce better resonance, richer tones and much more sensitiveness, provide deeper basses and singing trebles. Yulong Guo double top guitars offer guitarists of all playing styles a much wider performance range, and therefore pushes guitar playing to a new higher ground. Mr. Yulong Guo can also make adjustments on his guitars to suit specific requirements of different guitarists and playing styles, even different shapes and conditions of fingernails. Now, more and more guitarists use Yulong Guo guitars as their first guitars for their live concerts.



Company: Singing Dragon Music

Contact: Mr. Pawel Piotr Fojcik

Email: Singing-Dragon-Music@gmx.de, info@singing-dragon-music.tk

Phone: +4915902676662 (what`s app as well)

Homepage: www.singing-dragon-music.tk

Other countries not including Europe

Company: Aiersi Guitar

Contact: Mr. Devon Zhu

Email: sale@aiersiguitar.com

Phone: +86 15862722667

Homepage: www.aiersiguitar.com


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